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    • Faxon Law Group Files 64th Case Against St. Francis Hospital

      John Doe v. St. Francis Hospital (filed January 3, 2015)  We filed our 64th case against St. Francis hospital arising out of the exploits of serial, multi-decade pedophile Dr. George Reardon.  John Doe 46 was a minor patient in Reardon’s bogus growth study–with no supervision–which spanned the decades of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with total ignorance on the part of St. Francis.  John Doe 46 was photographed and repeatedly sexually molested by St. Francis’ Chief of Endocrinology, Dr. George Reardon on multiple occasions on the premises of the hospital in the early 1980s.

    • Patient Awakes to Molestation by Hospital Employee

      Villanueva v. St. Vincent’s Medical Center (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed Dec 19, 2014) The plaintiff, a middle-aged man with liver disease, was a patient at St. Vincent’s in May of 2013 where he awoke to a hospital employee sexually assaulting him. Gonzalo Flores, a 51-year-old certified nursing assistant who was hired by St. Vincent’s in August of 2011, was investigated by the hospital after a previous patient made a formal complainant regarding similar sexual misconduct but the hospital not only took no action, they continued to allow Flores access to patients with no supervision or warning to others, similar MORE

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    Case Builder contains two helpful categories: cases we are working on now and our past results. Case Builder is a novel concept. Our web designer said we should have this information fixed in a web page. We disagreed—thinking that just like our practice is always changing the case builder should be an ever-changing description of where we are right now—not last month or a year ago.

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