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    • Defective engine causes fire and driver’s death

      Mayra Ramones, Admx. v. Luis Auto Sales, LLC (New Haven Superior Court – filed April 13, 2015)  Sometimes, Faxon Law Group is hired to assume responsibility for an existing case and bring it to trial.  In 2012—one month after the defendant installed an engine block assembly in the decedent’s Ford Windstar minivan – a deadly fire ignited in the engine compartment and spread to the vehicle’s interior.  Expert investigation revealed that a worn front timing cover seal leaked oil onto the catalytic converter, causing the fire.  The worn and leaking timing cover seal rendered the engine defective and unreasonably MORE

    • Woman Getting Mail Struck By Drunk Driver

      Anne Kisver v. Peter Pfeiffer and George Pfeiffer (Litchfield Superior Court – filed June 15, 2015)  While retrieving her mail in a residential New Milford neighborhood, our plaintiff was violently struck by a drunk driver—speeding and out of control. Peter Pfeifer failed to stop before barreling into Mrs. Kisver, who was crossing the lane to her mailbox, causing severe and permanent life-altering injuries, including trauma to the brain. Client also suffered multiple broken bones in her arm and ribs, a shattered hip that required a partial replacement, and memory loss. The life she shares with her husband has catastrophically changed MORE

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    Case Builder contains two helpful categories: cases we are working on now and our past results. Case Builder is a novel concept. Our web designer said we should have this information fixed in a web page. We disagreed—thinking that just like our practice is always changing the case builder should be an ever-changing description of where we are right now—not last month or a year ago.

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