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    • Patient sues YNHH after botched surgery

      Deborah Craven vs. Yale New Haven Medical Center, Inc, et al. (New Haven Superior Court – filed March 14, 2016) Plaintiff was forced to undergo two surgeries in the same day after YNHH surgical team failed to operate on the correct body part — removing her 7th rib instead of 8th — and then lied about why they needed to operate again. Surgeons also failed to remove the metal pins that were placed there during the first surgery to help surgeons identify the correct rib. Filing of this case made national news, bringing the ‘I’m Sorry’ medical laws to the MORE

    • Blind Woman Falls Down Stairs Under Care of VA

      Cathleen Moody vs. United States of America (filed in U.S. District Court on March 1, 2016)  In November, 2014, the plaintiff, who was blind, suffered serious injury when she fell down a flight of stairs while attending a church event under the aid of a Veterans Administration (VA) assistance specialist. Failing to eliminate or minimize the risk of falling presented by a hazardous stairway located near an exit, the direct negligence demonstrated by VA staff caused the plaintiff to suffer several painful fractures to her pelvis, spine and sacrum, which required significant medical and surgical care, including surgical pelvic ring MORE

    • Excessive Speed Causes Crash and Bodily Burns

      Savvoulides vs. Taul (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed Feburary 1, 2016) A young woman in her early 20’s was a passenger in defendant’s vehicle when, while traveling at an excessive speed, he lost control of his Nissan GT-R high performance sedan and crashed violently into a patch of vegetation off-road. The victim, seated in the front passenger seat, suffered severe burns and multiple fractures and injuries as a result of blunt force trauma. She was hospitalized and will continue to incur medical expenses while she attempts recovery.

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