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    John Roe 1 v. Legionaries of Christ and Legion of Christ, Inc. (Waterbury Superior Court — filed October 26, 2016) The defendant, The Legion of Christ, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar sect of the Roman Catholic Church, with worldwide headquarters in Vatican City, Rome and domestic headquarters located in Cheshire, CT. Our plaintiff, now an adult residing in California, was a student of Legionaries of Christ summer program when he sexually assaulted by at least three of the most powerful priests in the organization and additionally became a victim of a systematic cover-up led by the Legionaries. As early as 1956, reports of sodomy of the children, intravenous drug use, extravagant spending and other behaviors in contrast to religious life were made organization leaders, however not only was no action taken, the defendants continued to allow the group’s founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel, and his co-conspirators Fr. Luis Garza and Fr. Jose Sabin access to children and young seminarians for subsequent decades. Our plaintiff fled the Legionaries’ campus to escape further abuse and, with his mother’s support, reported the sexual abuse both in writing and orally to Cardinal Mahoney and again to Archbishop Gomez, top officials at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. In approximately 2014, the plaintiff reported details of the abuse he endured directly to Legionnaire officials. Again, no substantive response was received. As a direct result of the Legionaries’ negligent supervision, the plaintiff suffered severe injuries and trauma.

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