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  • All Intakes Under Investigation 38 (as of 12/31/19)
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  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years

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  • Physician’s Neglect to Disclose/Treat Mass Found in Patient Leads To Cancer Diagnosis

    Didio, et. al. v. Fairfield Primary Health, et. al. (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed March 9, 2017) The plaintiff visited her primary care physician, Dr. Faye Ahmadian of Fairfield Primary Health Care, LLC, at the end of 2013 with complaints of abdominal pain, pelvic pressure, urinary discomfort, and nausea. She was referred to an urologist by Ahmadian and received a CT scan two days later. The radiology report from that scan, reviewed by Ahmadian, documented a 3.3 cm suspicious cyst in patient’s appendix. Ahmadian never informed the plaintiff  about the abnormal radiological finding associated with her appendix. A year and MORE

  • Chest Pains Misdiagnosed; Patient Suffers Cardiac Arrest

    Condo, et al. v. Griffin Hospital, et al (New Haven Superior Court──filed September 12, 2016)  On a summer evening just past midnight, Mark Condo went to Griffin Hospital’s Emergency Department complaining of severe chest pain radiating upward. He was diagnosed with “chest pains,” given a “GI cocktail” and sent home.  At his home the following evening Mark collapsed from cardiac arrest.  Despite advanced cardiac intensive care at Yale-New Haven Hospital, the damage to the Mark’s heart was too extensive.  He died the next day.  If Griffin Hospital’s Emergency Department personnel had followed the standard of care, recognized Mark’s symptoms of MORE

  • Cancer Symptoms Ignored by Doc for Two Years

    Hurley, et al. v. Norwalk Hospital Gastroenterology Consultants, et al (Bridgeport Superior Court──filed September 6, 2016) The decedent, Edward Hurley, was under the care of physician, Dennis Meighan, D.O., practicing at Norwalk Hospital. Mr. Hurley reported symptoms including not limited to abdominal pain, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, gagging, stomach cramping, diarrhea, choking, difficulty eating, decreased appetite, and weight loss──warning signs of esophageal cancer. Yet Meighan, a gastroenterologist specialist, delayed imaging for almost two years. On July 26, 2012 an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) was finally performed, revealing an ulcerated mass which biopsy proved to be cancerous. Due to the significant delay in MORE

  • Client Suffers Loss Due to Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose

    Lumley vs. Jutkowitz, M.D. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed May 4, 2016) For more than a year, the plaintiff was under the defendant’s medical care for pain in her left ankle.  At her very first visit, the defendant ordered imaging studies that were read as abnormal and a radiologist recommended a follow up imaging study if symptoms persisted. Despite the plaintiff contacting the defendant’s office numerous times over the next several weeks and months complaining of increased pain and swelling in her left ankle and calf, the defendant doctor ordered no further studies, despite the orders of the radiologist. Several months later, MORE

  • Blind Woman Falls Down Stairs Under Care of VA

    Cathleen Moody vs. United States of America (filed in U.S. District Court on March 1, 2016)  In November, 2014, the plaintiff, who was blind, suffered serious injury when she fell down a flight of stairs while attending a church event under the aid of a Veterans Administration (VA) assistance specialist. Failing to eliminate or minimize the risk of falling presented by a hazardous stairway located near an exit, the direct negligence demonstrated by VA staff caused the plaintiff to suffer several painful fractures to her pelvis, spine and sacrum, which required significant medical and surgical care, including surgical pelvic ring MORE

  • Doctor’s Negligence Causes Permanent Kidney Damage

    Valentino vs. Thomas Jung, M.D., (New Haven Superior Court – filed October 30, 2015)  For approximately three years, the plaintiff consulted with Dr. Jung at Midstate Gastroenterology Specialists, P.C. for ulcerative colitis. The defendant chose to treat the condition with a class of drugs — called 5-ASA — and known to cause allergic renal interstitial nephritis in the kidneys, potentially causing serious and permanent  damage. The standard of care, along with the manufacturers of this type of drug require simple blood testing for assessing kidney function both before and during therapy while on these drugs.  However, the defendant physician in this case MORE

  • Doc’s Blind Eye to Tell-Tale Signs of Infection Leads to Full Leg Amputation

    Hocker  vs. William Tracy Schmidt, M.D., (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed August 17, 2015)  Plaintiff was treated for a right ankle sprain over the course of five days back in September 2013. During her treatment, she kept complaining of increased pain, swelling, and bruising. Upon repeat examination, doctor noted large blood-filled blisters on her foot which he opened, drained and proceeded to wrap up before covering with a brace; he then sent the patient home. The following day she was transported by ambulance to the ED having become lethargic and barely responsive. Upon arrival, it was immediately recognized that she MORE

  • Hospital and Neurosurgeons Send Patient Home Despite Clear MRI; Rendered Quadriplegic

    Nason v. Hospital of Central Connecticut et al. (Hartford Superior Court filed November 6, 2014) A middle-aged woman with a remote history of cervical spine surgery visited the ER at the Hospital of Central Connecticut multiple times complaining of severe and worsening neck and arm pain.  Despite an MRI revealing what the radiologist warned an epidural abscess pressing on her spinal cord, nothing was done by the hospital or two separate defendant neurosurgeons.  Seventeen days after her last visit, the vertebrae at the base of her neck collapsed due to the severe infection and she was immediately rendered quadriplegic. She MORE

  • Defective Hip Replacement that Ortho Fails to Inform

    Carpanzano v. Stryker Corp. and Hughes et al. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed October 17, 2014) Product liability and medical malpractice case involving a woman who has a total hip replacement with an implant that is subsequently recalled from the market.  Despite her orthopedic surgeon’s knowledge of the recall, he never informed his patient.  Our client suffered two years of severe and debilitating hip pain and developed a large soft tissue tumor near the implant as a result of the metal particles emanating from the defective implant.  It was not until she sought a second opinion that she was informed the hip MORE

  • GP Ignores Major Red Flags; Patient Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

    Dell v. Walaliyadda et al. (New Haven Superior Court—filed September 25, 2014) Our client was a middle-aged man with several cardiac risk factors. He consulted his primary care physician on two separate occasions; first complaining of exertional chest pressure, comparing it to “someone sitting on [his] chest.” Next, complaining of “three weeks of indigestion that radiated to [his] jaw and upper left arm.”  No work-up for angina or heart disease was done by his GP in either case and 3 days after the second visit, our client tragically suffered a massive heart attack and cardiac arrest due to his undiagnosed MORE

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