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  • This gives referring lawyers and the outside world the exact same information we use in-house for quality control. Intakes need to be accepted / declined and cases need to be resolved! Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • 2017 Intake Contacts 829 (as of 10/2)
  • 2017 Intakes Declined 730 (as of 10/2)
  • All Intakes Under Investigation 71 (as of 10/2)
  • 2017 Accepted/Filed Cases 28
  • Total Pending Cases 170
  • Referred Cases from other lawyers state and nationwide 94%
  • Median Time First Contact to Decline 25 days (most cases are reviewed w/ an indication of merit within 72 hours)
  • Median Time First Contact to Accepted/Filed Cases 9 weeks
  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years

Reich v. Houston, et al. (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed January 13, 2017) On August 13, 2016, Daniel Reich was participating in a sailboat regatta in Southport Harbor and Long Island Sound, when thunderstorms approached the course. One of the defendants, Stephen Houston, attempted to tow the plaintiff to shore using a motorized powerboat. While distracted and without waiting for the plaintiff to finish tying lines and provide an “all clear” signal, Houston prematurely engaged the throttle resulting in Reich sustaining a severe avulsion amputation injury to the thumb on his master hand. The plaintiff has had to undergo numerous MORE

James Carter, et. al. v. Interstate Aviation, Inc, et. al. (Hartford Superior Court) On May 3, 2016, Dana Parenteau was a passenger in a Beechcraft V35B Bonanza, N440H, flown by her boyfriend and professional race car driver David C. Berube. En route from his son’s wedding in Myrtle Beach to Plainville, CT, the single-engine plane broke into pieces mid-air before crashing the ground in Syosset, NY. Both Parenteau and Berube were killed in the crash. The Bonanza had been stored, repaired, serviced and maintained by Interstate Aviation, Inc. During the fatal flight the vacuum system and associated gyroscopic equipment failed. MORE

Matarazzo-Cosban vs. Gage (Litchfield Superior Court – filed October 7, 2016) The plaintiff was a passenger in the defendant’s vehicle when suddenly the defendant drove off the roadway and violently struck a tree. The plaintiff suffered multiple traumatic bodily injuries including a spine fracture. The defendant’s vehicle belonged to a group of over 30 million GM models worldwide that was subject to a recall due to faulty ignition switches causing cars to shut off while driving. However it is believed the driver didn’t comply with the recall and continued operating the vehicle with other passengers in the car without ever having MORE

John Roe 1 v. Legionaries of Christ and Legion of Christ, Inc. (Waterbury Superior Court — filed October 26, 2016) The defendant, The Legion of Christ, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar sect of the Roman Catholic Church, with worldwide headquarters in Vatican City, Rome and domestic headquarters located in Cheshire, CT. Our plaintiff, now an adult residing in California, was a student of Legionaries of Christ summer program when he sexually assaulted by at least three of the most powerful priests in the organization and additionally became a victim of a systematic cover-up led by the Legionaries. As early as MORE

Condo, et al. v. Griffin Hospital, et al (New Haven Superior Court──filed September 12, 2016)  On a summer evening just past midnight, Mark Condo went to Griffin Hospital’s Emergency Department complaining of severe chest pain radiating upward. He was diagnosed with “chest pains,” given a “GI cocktail” and sent home.  At his home the following evening Mark collapsed from cardiac arrest.  Despite advanced cardiac intensive care at Yale-New Haven Hospital, the damage to the Mark’s heart was too extensive.  He died the next day.  If Griffin Hospital’s Emergency Department personnel had followed the standard of care, recognized Mark’s symptoms of MORE

Hurley, et al. v. Norwalk Hospital Gastroenterology Consultants, et al (Bridgeport Superior Court──filed September 6, 2016) The decedent, Edward Hurley, was under the care of physician, Dennis Meighan, D.O., practicing at Norwalk Hospital. Mr. Hurley reported symptoms including not limited to abdominal pain, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, gagging, stomach cramping, diarrhea, choking, difficulty eating, decreased appetite, and weight loss──warning signs of esophageal cancer. Yet Meighan, a gastroenterologist specialist, delayed imaging for almost two years. On July 26, 2012 an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) was finally performed, revealing an ulcerated mass which biopsy proved to be cancerous. Due to the significant delay in MORE

Russell vs. Hanscom-Bolton, et. al. (Bridgeport Superior Court — filed July 13, 2016) A frightening crash involving two defendant drivers──one who was very intoxicated and evading police and a crash she caused just 30 minutes prior──and a plaintiff who was six months pregnant. On December 23, 2014, Melody Mae Russell was traveling on Route 6 in Bethel when she was hit head on by Hansom-Bolton, who crossed the center line while driving intoxicated at an excessive speed. After fleeing the scene, Hansom-Bolton was arrested by Newtown police and charged with two counts of evading responsibility. Simultaneously to being struck by MORE

Amodio vs. City of New Haven (New Haven Superior Court – filed June 24, 2016) It began one summer evening in New Haven as the plaintiff, a 55-year-old resident of West Haven, was traveling down James Street on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Suddenly and without warning he was violently struck by a Fire Truck attempting to cut into his lane and was forcefully thrown into the air upon impact. The list of injuries he sustained, some permanent, is extensive and include a fractured pelvis, spine, neck, kneecap, femur, multiple ribs, dislocated knees, herniated disc, subdural hemorrhages, large bodily wounds to MORE

Morales vs. Fac (Waterbury Superior Court – filed May 4, 2016) On a spring morning, our plaintiff was standing on the left shoulder of I-84 beside his disabled motorcycle when the defendant, while traveling at a very high rate of speed, swerved suddenly and without warning across the left lane and into the shoulder area. Completely startled, the vehicle directly behind the defendant lost control and struck the 33-year-old plaintiff and his motorcycle. The plaintiff sustained a variety of serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, and a fractured  femur. He required multiple hospital transfers for intensive care, MORE

Mack vs. Altieri (New Haven Superior Court – filed May 19, 2016) Eighty-one year old William Mack, an energetic, long-time resident of Guilford, was enjoying his daily bike ride on Boston Post Road when he was sideswiped by the defendant, Gertrude Altieri, operating a Volkswagen Beetle. Altieri attempted to pass the bike too closely and dragged him down the side of the car. The Legislature recently passed a statute to protect cyclists requiring that drivers provide bikers at least 3 feet for safe passage. Altieri violated this statute and there were horrific consequences. Mack was immediately transported to Yale New MORE

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