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  • This gives referring lawyers and the outside world the exact same information we use in-house for quality control. Intakes need to be accepted / declined and cases need to be resolved! Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • 2020 Intake Contacts (12/31/20)    902
  • 2020 Intakes Declined (12/31/20) 736
  • All Intakes Under Investigation 42 (12/31/20)
  • 2020 Accepted/Filed Cases 13
  • Referred Cases from other lawyers state and nationwide 94%
  • Median Time First Contact to Decline 25 days (most cases are reviewed w/ an indication of merit within 72 hours)
  • Median Time First Contact to Accepted/Filed Cases 9 weeks
  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years

Evans, et. al. v. The William W. Backus Hospital (New London Superior Court—filed  October 25, 2018) On May 11, 2016, April gave birth to a healthy baby girl. At almost three months of age, the infant, Alydia, spiked a fever and began vomiting. Backus Health Center instructed April to administer over-the-counter meds and to bring the baby to the ED if symptoms worsened and/or fever continued. Just a few hours later, April rushed Alydia to the emergency department at Backus Hospital due to high fever and difficulty breathing. She was seen by numerous personnel, including two emergency physicians. Blood work MORE

Johnson v. Kaluzynski (New Haven Superior Court—filed November 9, 2018) Todd Johnson, Jr. was enjoying a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on the afternoon of May 31, 2017 when suddenly and without warning the defendant driving a Ford Escape failed to obey a stop sign and struck Todd in the intersection, violently throwing him off his motorcycle. The list of injuries caused by the negligence of the defendant driver was painful and extensive: several fractures, including pelvis, tibia, fibula, nose, ribs, and toe, internal bleeding, and permanent impairment. Our firm intends to recover monetary damages for his loss of MORE

Juzwiakowski, Deborah v. Estes, et. al., (New Haven Superior Court—filed October 23, 2018)  In the Spring of 2018, our plaintiff was enjoying a jog on a public roadway in West Haven when she was suddenly and without warning chased down and bitten several times by a dog belonging to the defendants. As a result of the attack, the plaintiff required emergency medical care, hospitalization, and surgery and some of the injuries she sustained to her legs, arms, and hands are permanent. She will require additional treatment in the future and her ability to participate in daily activities she previously enjoyed MORE

Falls, et al. v. Maiorino, et. al. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed October 18, 2018) On July 16, 2017, the plaintiff’s decedent, Daniel Falls, was on his motorcycle traveling northbound on Main Street in Monroe. Suddenly, he was violently struck by the defendant who was traveling southbound in his vehicle at excessive speeds and abruptly crossed the center line into Falls’ lane of travel. As a direct result of the defendant’s negligence, Falls suffered significant and permanent injury, which led to his untimely death on August 24, 2017. Our plaintiff, his brother, was appointed fiduciary. The vehicle that was operated in such MORE

Hockla, Lauren vs. Don-Mat Trucking, et. al. (New Haven Superior Court—filed September 17, 2018) Last Fall, a tractor trailer, operated by John Albarelli, barreled towards the intersection of Pent Road and Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield, CT.  Failing to maintain proper speed and control, the defendant violently collided with the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle, a silver Dodge Neon, and caused life-threatening injuries to both her, Lauren Hockla, and resulted in the death of her passenger.  In addition to multiple bodily injuries including fractures, lacerations, and hemorrhaging, Hockla, 30 years old, suffered a traumatic brain injury and required several different MORE

Aglio, et. al. v. Blair, et. al. (New Haven Superior Court—filed Sept. 6, 2018)  On May 11, 2018, our client, Russell Aglio—an active and experienced cyclist—was traveling in a southernly direction on a residential street in Chester, CT when without warning, a large cloud of dust and debris blew into the public roadway straight into Aglio’s path. The sudden obstruction was caused by a homeowner operating a ride-on lawnmower at the edge of his property, right as Aglio was traveling to pass. Momentarily blinded by the dust cloud, Aglio was then struck by a Hyundai Accent, driven by Amanda Hull. MORE

Bill Grant, et. al. v. L. Suzio Concrete Company, Inc. et. al. (Bridgeport Superior Court–filed August 21, 2018)  On August 23, 2016, the front discharge chute of a large cement mixing truck suddenly pinned Herbert Grant, an experienced mason, against a fence at a construction site in Westport, CT. The truck was discharging cement at the time of the chute’s uncontrolled and unexpected movement in Grant’s direction. The impact caused fatal crushing injuries to Grant’s head, neck and torso. Our firm is pursuing claims of negligent operation by the truck’s operator and negligent inspection and maintenance of the truck’s mechanical and hydraulic systems MORE

Christopher Baviello, et. al. v. Cherry Hill Construction, Inc. and Dylan Esposito  (Bridgeport Superior Court–filed June 25, 2018)  Wallingford Police were called to a workplace accident on private property. Upon arriving at the scene they found the decedent, David Baviello, unresponsive and face down on asphalt with a fatal head wound. While performing snow removal duties, Baviello, a pedestrian wearing a highly visible fluorescent yellow safety vest, was struck and killed by a Caterpillar front end loader with a plow attachment, owned and operated by Cherry Hill Construction. Baviello was only 29 at the time of his death. Esposito, the MORE

David Filley, et. al. v. David Young, M.D., (New Haven Superior Court—filed June 6, 2018) In August, 2017, a young child residing in Guilford, CT, was maimed by the neighbor’s dangerous dog while he attempted to retrieve a lacrosse ball from the physician/neighbor’s yard. The defendant, Dr. Young, should have known better than to keep a dangerous dog in proximity to children.  The minor suffered multiple penetrating wounds including defensive wounds on his upper arm as well as a puncture wound on his ankle. As a consequence of the attack, the child has incurred severe scarring, significant medical bills and MORE

James Carter, et. al. v. Interstate Aviation, Inc, et. al. (Hartford Superior Court—filed April 30, 2018) James Carter is the father of the decedent, Dana Parenteau, who was killed on May 3, 2016, along with one other passenger and the pilot, on an aircraft en route from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Plainville, CT. While cruising at an elevation of 7,000 feet, the pressure air pump, which powered the flight instruments necessary to navigate the single-engine plane, suddenly failed causing the aircraft to lose control. The plane broke into pieces mid-air, resulting in the severe pain, suffering, and untimely death to MORE

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