aviation disasters

Aviation disasters, either involving commercial or privately-owned aircraft, are especially devastating as multiple parties may be severely injured or killed simultaneously. The most common cause of aviation-related injuries and death include encounters with unforeseen weather systems, mechanical failure, defective navigational tools and/or errors, insufficient airframe, insufficient engine maintenance or excessive age, crew fatigue and, more recently, the increasing risk of injury or death caused by a terrorist act.

Faxon Law Group’s multi-district litigation attorneys have handled mass disaster and mass tort cases, getting excellent results for our clients. One case, In Re: Air Crash at Dubrovnik, Croatia, which arose from the crash of a military 737 plane carrying United States Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and his delegation to Croatia, resulted in a substantial, confidential settlement for several families. The estates sued Jeppesen Sanderson and Jeppesen Gmbh, the world’s largest manufacturers of aero-nautical charts and maps, based on the defects and inaccuracies contained on the map that misled the pilots, thereby contributing to the crash. Our attorneys were also instrumental in securing settlements in product liability actions against United Technologies Corp. and Sikorsky Aircraft arising out of the crash of an S-61L helicopter in British Columbia.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in an aviation disaster, please contact us. Our drive and relentless energy will deliver the answers you seek and deserve.


To report an aviation complaint or express a particular concern, visit the Department of Transportation.

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