vaccine injury

Across the nation, a number of children—and even adults—have been injured by adverse reactions to a vaccination. For example, Faxon Law Group recovered $500,000 for an adult woman who suffered transverse myelitis—a neurologic syndrome caused by inflammation of the spinal cord—shortly after receiving a routine flu shot.

Below is a list of vaccines covered by the National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program. This list changes often so if you or a loved one may have been injured by a vaccination, please contact us for a no-fee investigation.

  • Tetanus toxoid-containing vaccines (DTaP, Tdap, DTP-Hib, DT, Td, TT)
  • Pertussis antigen-containing vaccines (Whooping Cough) (DTaP, Tdap, DTP, P, DTP-Hib)
  • Measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) virus-containing vaccines in any combination (MMR, MR, M, R)
  • Rubella virus-containing vaccines (MMR, MR, R)
  • Measles virus-containing vaccines (MMR, MR, M)
  • Polio live virus-containing vaccines (OPV)
  • Polio inactivated-virus containing vaccines (IPV)
  • Hepatitis B antigen-containing vaccines (Engerix-B, Recombivax HB, Twinrix)
  • Hemophilus influenzae (type b polysaccharide conjugate vaccines)
  • Varicella vaccine (Varivax chicken pox virus vaccine and ProQuad) 
  • Rotavirus vaccine (Rota Teq )
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (Prevnar)
  • Hepatitis A vaccines (Havrix, VAQTA, and Twinrix)
  • Trivalent influenza vaccines (Flu vaccines including FluMist, a live attenuated influenza virus vaccine; injectable influenza vaccines FluShield, Fluvirin, Fluzone, and Afluria)
  • Meningococcal vaccines (meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV4) and meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4), Menactra)
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix)


For a comprehensive list of vaccine safety bibliographies from 1999 to the present and much more, including seasonal flu updates, published reports and how to report an adverse event, visit the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) website.