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  • Intakes Under Review 45 
  • Referred Cases from other lawyers state and nationwide 94%
  • Median Time First Contact to Decline 14 days (most cases are reviewed w/ an indication of merit within 72 hours)
  • Median Time First Contact to Accepted/Filed Cases 9 weeks
  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years

archive for June, 2011

  • Past Results-Insurance Bad Faith Claims Handling

    He who has the gold is in the best position to make the rules. Many insurers live by that motto, and seek to starve claimants into submission by delaying and refusing to negotiate fairly. We turn the table on insurers by aggressively using the unfair insurance practices act, and putting them on the defensive. While we may never get the upper hand, we at least level the playing field. it is our objective either  to get insurers to act responsibly up front and if not to pay dearly for that failure on the back end. Insurers are very touchy about MORE

  • Past Results-Sexual Abuse

    Faxon Law Group is known as one of  the leading plaintiff’s firms for this work in Connecticut. We tried the highly publicized first case against St. Francis Hospital in Hartford where it was claimed more than 400 children were abused by an endocrinologist over  a 25 year period. All of our clients were able to resolve their cases successfully following that trial more than a year before any other lawyer’s client received compensation. We have consistently achieved well above average results for our many clients who were priest abuse victims, and we do not just stop at compensation. We also MORE

  • Past Results-Product Defects

    Our products liability experience is quite diverse from dangerous drugs (e.g., vioxx, zicam cold remedy,heparin, celebrex,pradaxa) to defective medical products (e.g., deputy hip replacements, wright hips, medtronic pacemakers) to consumer products (e.g.,BBQ lighters, poisoned food, children’s non-flame resistent clothing, toys) to vehicles and vehicle options (e.g.,SUV rollovers, airbag failures, roof crush) to industrial/construction equipment (tree chippers, strippers, scaffolding). We are particularly interested in protecting the food supply and in holding accountable large box stores that dump dangerous and poorly made goods from China and elsewhere into the stream of commerce. We also believe that big pharma needs to be held MORE

  • Past Results- Municipal Liability

    Municipal liability cases raise many legal issues. In fact, they are immune from being sued except in limited circumstances.  The key to winning these cases is finding a statute that allows a suit, or proving that the town violated a ministerial duty, or that they acted knowing that an identifiable person was in imminent danger. We believe that these are important cases to bring because without accountability services for everyone will suffer. Moreover, the cases we see are often some of the most compelling facts of any case in our office. Here are some recent results in the past 3 MORE

  • Past Results-Workplace/Construction Injuries

    Since the early 1900s employees have been barred from suing their employers. Instead they must file workers compensation claims which severely limit compensation but is paid regardless of fault. Faxon Law Group does not handle workers’ compensation claims, but we do investigate workplace-construction injuries to see if there is a party other than the employer who may be liable. These third parties may be subcontractors, independent contractors, product sellers, or landowners. These third party cases often need to overcome many legal hurdles before being allowed to proceed. Nonetheless, we have had great success in demonstrating the viability of these claims. MORE

  • Past Results-Dram Shop/Negligent Service of Alcohol

    Connecticut limits the amount that can be recovered from a bar that over-serves a patron to $250,000. These types of cases are often brought in tandem with motor vehicle negligence claims. We have however had success in piercing that cap where the injury or death occurs in Connecticut but the bar/restaurant is located out of state. *$1,800,000 A major restaurant chain paid this to resolve this wrongful death case where one of their patrons struck a bicyclist in Connecticut after leaving their premises just over the border in New York. A toxicologist and alcohol service trainer (TIPS) were both hired MORE

  • Past Results-Admiralty, Maritime and Boating Injuries

    Given Connecticut’s proximity to the Sound, our firm often gets involved in boating mishaps. This has led to our firm being called into lake accidents in Vermont and  major boating accidents in the Carribean.  In fact, Attorney Faxon recently achieved the highest known Jones Act wrongful death settlement in the U.S., and enjoys a solid reputation in this very complicated and sometimes arcane niche practice area. This is a growing practice area for us. Here are some notable results: $5,000,000-New York Southern District Federal Court settlement for a death on the high seas act case involving a single woman in MORE

  • Past Results-Premises Liability

    Premises liability cases can be some of the most difficult and most common claims we investigate and ,if warranted, prosecute. We strongly discourage these claims where the injury is passing and not permanent, and we are careful not to file suit where it appears the injured person bears most of the blame. In most every case, the suit is defended vigorously. We have handled dozens of these cases over the past 10 years. Here are some of the results we are most proud of in the last three years: *$1,837,500-Settlement during trial for woman whose foot was fractured when employee MORE

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