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archive for May, 2012

  • Medical Malpractice, Doctor Prescribes Extreme Doses of Estrogen: Then Misses Obvious Signs of Uterine Cancer

    Miller v. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Menopause Physicians P.C. and Hanson, M.D. (Filed in New Haven 2011) The defendant prescribed Estradiol at increasingly high doses to the plaintiff. During this time, the doctor did nothing to follow up on complaints of persistent spotting. Two years after the complaints began the plaintiff was finally diagnosed with stage iv uterine cancer. The gynecologist who reviewed the records here, for us, is board certified and has worked with women like the plaintiff for 17 years. She authored a report concluding that the defendant deviated from the standard of care by not ordering an endometrial MORE

  • Motor Vehicle Negligence, UHaul Truck Hits Pedestrians at Yale Harvard Game

    Short v. Ross and U-Haul (Filed in New Haven, 2012) The defendant was a Yale student delivering beer to a tailgate party in a UHaul truck. For some as of yet unexplained reason, the tailgate area was set up so that the pedestrian walkway was right next to the truck and supply entrance. When the defendant entered the tailgate area, he lost control and drove into a group of pedestrians killing one and injuring two. Yale responded by blaming alcohol service at the tailgate. Our investigation, however, shows that no one involved in this tragedy had consumed any alcohol. Rather MORE

  • Medical Malpractice, Failure of Pulmonologist to Disclose Tumor to Patient Leads to Death

    Corbeil, Administrator v. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Filed Windham Superior Court, VT, 2011) The decedent owned an award winning community radio station, and was married with two children.  Dr. Mahler, a pulmonologist, found a suspicious tumor during examination in 2007. The doctor did not disclose this finding until after the tumor metastasized and caused the decedent’s death in 2009. Our oncology consultants tell us that the tumor was easily treatable in 2007, and the death of the plaintiff’s decedent was absolutely preventable with proper disclosure. Our pulmonology expert asserts without hesitation that a doctor must share all suspicious findings with his MORE

  • Police Misconduct, New London Police Officer Shoots an Unarmed Man Five Times in the Chest Causing Paraplegia.

    Cunningham v. City of New London (Filed Federal Court-New Haven, 2011). On August 24, 2011, the plaintiff stole a box truck. After a pursuit, the truck rolled on its side and the plaintiff was stuck in the driver’s compartment unable to extricate himself. The cab was surrounded by New London police. Without provocation of any kind, Officer Northrup began shooting the plaintiff at point blank range in front of a reporter for the New London Day. It turns out Officer Northrup was a danger to the community well before this shooting. In fact, neighbors describe him bullying and abusing them MORE

  • Mass Tort, Power Plant Explosion Kills Five and Injures Dozens

    Dobratz et al v. Kleen Energy, et al,  Filed 2010 in Middletown. On Superbowl Sunday 2010, Connecticut was rocked by an explosion occurring at a powerplant under construction in Middletown, CT. The force of the blast was felt as far as 80 miles away. The defendants had forced  the laborer-plaintiffs to work on the powerplant during a highly dangerous blow out process using natural gas. Even after workers warned supervisors of the risk, and the need to be offsite during this process, the defendants insisted that work continue during this cleaning. The Motive for forcing the laborers to work that MORE

  • Police Misconduct, 911 Dispatcher Ignores Mother’s Cries for Help

    Rasim, Administrator v. Town of West Haven (Filed in Federal Court-Connecticut, 2010) Shengyal Rasim was raising her two young children in West Haven. She was Turkish by birth and was separated from her spouse who had a history of abuse. On the evening in question, she called the West Haven police after her husband called and said he was going to kill her. The police went to her home,a nd finding nothing they left. Later that night, the dispatcher received two more calls. The first was from a co-worker of the husband who said that the husband had just left MORE

  • Highway Defect, Young Woman Paralyzed in Motorcycle Accident Caused By Piles of Rock Left in Road After Paving Job

    Clingan v. Town of Preston and Gorman Group, Filed New London in 2012 In June 2011, the Gorman Group was hired by the Town of Preston to chip seal Matthewson Mill Road. According to a paving company owner we hired to investigate, this process leaves a dangerous buildup of loose rock, and requires 1) warning motorists and 2) periodic street-sweeping in the days and weeks following the application. Neither Gorman nor Preston provided proper warnings or periodic cleaning. This led to a motorcyclist traveling at low speeds losing control and crashing into a stone wall adjacent to the road. The MORE

  • Construction Site Injury, Steel beams collapse at a Yale Chiller Plant Construction

    Enfield v. Charney Architects and Shawmut Design and Construction, et al.  (Filed New Haven, 2012 Due to the defendants’ ordering and approval of the wrong parts, the plaintiff and other steelworkers could not adequately secure the improperly fabricated steel beams. According to our construction safety engineer, the responsibility for design and planning was on the defendants who failed in their responsibility and left the steelworkers in an unprotected and dangerous position. Specifically, the beams were ordered without securing holes to put bolts through. As a result, the steelworkers were left trying to stabilize the beams with wires which proved fatal MORE

  • Highway Defect, Poor Asphalt Patch Job Leads to Bike Accident and Broken Neck

    Dutcher v. Town of Middletown (Filed Middletown in 2012) In 2009, laborers tore up portions of Pine Street in Middletown to do some underground pipe work. When they finished, they filled in the hole and used asphalt to haphazardly patch it. Over time the patch became depressed in relation to the rest of the road and large fissures developed allowing bike tires to easily get caught. No repairs were made to this depression or the fissures despite the obvious nature of the problem. Our expert street repair consultants concluded that the repairs were done in a dangerous way, and easily MORE

  • Product Liability, Tire Defect and Negligent Repair Cause Van Rollover and Quadraplegia

    Desalle, et al v. Wal-Mart, Cooper Tire & Rubber, et al (Filed Bridgeport in 2011) Seven people were severely injured when a defective tire blew out in their minivan. The minivan was caused to roll causing horrific injuries to the occupants. Faxon Law Group has brought highly experienced tire manufacturing experts, mechanical engineers, accident reconstructionists, and life care planners to support this claim. The retailer, manufacturer and service repair shop have been named as defendants. Cooper has had massive recalls for tire defects in the past and has been held liable for similar rollovers. See for example the following story:  Cooper MORE

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