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archive for May, 2013

  • Dialysis Patient Dies When Staff Fails to Monitor Him

    Massicote, as Administrator of Massaro v. Total Renal Care   (Filed in Waterbury, SF assumed case in May 2013) This is the second case Stratton Faxon is handling against this dialysis center. The staff here completely failed to monitor the patient’s condition, and were unaware of basic standard of care for  hemodialysis and complication management. The plaintiff’s decedent died as a result. Related articles Dialysis Center Fails to Monitor Blood Thinner Causing Death

  • Doctor Performs Unnecessary Radical Surgery Before Obtaining Negative Biopsy

    Wendell Gonzalez v.Zarif   (Filed in Waterbury, SF assumed in 2013) During a colonoscopy,  a mass was found and surgery was immediately recommended. The doctor told the patient that it was cancer and without getting the biopsy results performed surgery. A later biopsy on a tissue sample from  the mass showed that it was not cancerous and that, in fact, it was colitis which did not warrant surgery. The surgery caused major intestinal damage. He suffered leakage of his intestinal contents into his pelvic cavity which led to intra-abdominal abscesses, Sepsis, Ileostomy, Colon resection, Wound infection and tissue necrosis, Renal failure, Dehydration, MORE

  • Doctor Cuts Hypogastric Artery During Routine Procedure

    Hunt v. Specialists in Women’s Healthcare (Filed in Waterbury, SF assumed case in 2013) The plaintiff’s doctor performed a D & C with Hysteroscopy. This procedure not only caused a perforation of her uterus but also her hypogastric artery. She nearly bled to death, and required a full hysterectomy.

  • Patient Abandoned By Hospital Staff After Bed Alarm Sounds

    Estate of Ashmore v. Hartford Hospital  (Filed in Waterbury in March 2013) This 68 year old decedent underwent mitral valve replacement and while in recovery he was given Lopressor to regulate an increasing heart rate. He was not monitored by staff even after bed alarms sounded when he became brady-cardic and non-responsive. He suffered anoxic brain injury and ultimately died a few days later. Related articles Hospital Staff’s “Alarm Fatigue” Causes 560 Deaths Per Year

  • Hospital Abandons Post Op Patient Causing Debilitating Bed Sores

    Lisa Stuart v.Charlotte Hungerford Hospital  (Filed in Litchfield, SF assumed case April 2013) The plaintiff was operated on at the hospital. Post surgery she was unable to move legs,and was left in one position for more than 2 days without the required turning and movement to prevent bed sores. The bed sore ended up causing a systemicinfection, and massive loss of tissue and muscle. Related articles Bed Sores Prevent Bed sores with a Bed Sore Mattress Catalogue of harm to NHS patients is revealed

  • Hospital Fails to Treat Stroke Patient With TPA

    Timm v Associated Neurologists  (Filed in Danbury, SF assumed case in May 2013) The plaintiff was suffering a stroke. For reasons unclear to anyone involved in his treatment, the emergency room physician advised the neurologist that he was suffering a seizure. There was no evidence of a seizure anywhere in the record. As a result, a readily available treatment that would have reversed the stroke damage was not used and the plaintiff suffered severe neurological and cognitive damage. Related articles Earlier Treatment with Clot-Busters Boosts Survival in Stroke Monmouth Stroke Service Success Story: Great outcome after emergent carotid endartercomy Stroke Treatment – MORE

  • Dialysis Center Fails to Monitor Blood Thinner Causing Death

      Estate of Reyes v. Davita Dialysis Center(Filed in Waterbury, Faxon Law Group assumed case in May 2013) Mr. Reyes suffered a brain hemorrhage and died after being placed on blood thinners to manage his atrial fibrillation. The standard of care requires that he be tested multiple times a week to determine the clotting factors. Instead these orders were changed by the dialysis center without doctor’s consent, and he died because the levels were too high. Related articles Testing for Clotting Disorders – Can It Be Done While on Blood Thinners? New Blood Thinner Beats Plavix When Paired With Low-Dose Aspirin

  • Uninsured Motorist Insurer Peerless Fails to Pay Damages

    Tamara Lis v. Peerless  (Filed in New Haven, SF assumed case February 2013). An oil truck spilled its contents across a well traveled highway, and then left the scene providing no warning to oncoming traffic. The plaintiff was badly injured when her car hit the oil slick and went out of control. She had a policy of insurance with Peerless that is contractually obligated to pay for damages caused when vehicles hit and run or otherwise cause accidents on the roadway and leave. Peerless refuses to pay on this claim thereby requiring her to go to trial. Related articles Uninsured MORE

  • Contractor Builds Hazardous Scaffold that Collapses and Kills Worker

      Gina Lombardi, as administratrix of the estate of Lamar Liddell, and Gina Lombardi individually v. Luanci Constriction, LLC. et al (Filed in New Haven, April 2013) Construction accident resulting in death after a defective scaffolding collapsed during a home build. Related articles Scaffolder died hours after safety fears raised at Rugby cement works

  • Parking Lot Design Allows Car to Plow into Sidewalk Cafe

    Farbman v. Urstadt Biddle Properties, Inc (Filed in Stamford May 2013) Pregnant woman hit by car at Cafe Oo La La on Summer Street in Stamford. The driver was attempting to navigate the parking lot and find a space. Due to the configuration of the parking area the customer became very confused and he drove his vehicle through the handicapped spot and onto the unprotected sidewalk striking the plaintiff causing the severe injuries. Related articles Urstadt Biddle Properties Series D Senior Cumulative Preferred Stock Yield Pushes Past 7% How to Secure Your Parking Lot

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