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  • Major Surgical Error Leads to Plaintiff’s Double Paralysis

    The plaintiff, then 56, underwent surgical repair for aortic and iliac aneurysms under the medical care of Dr. Hsu at Stamford Hospital. While on the operating table, he erroneously clamped the right common iliac vein, causing injury to the vein and leading to further tearing and massive bleeding. Further tearing necessitated two other surgeons to join the procedure to prevent the plaintiff from bleeding out. By then, the only option was to sew off the veins, causing extreme swelling of the lower extremities. In total, the plaintiff lost 22 liters of blood and has paralysis in both legs. Ultimately, he MORE

  • Deviation from Standard of Care for Young Cardiac Patient

    On November 7, 2019, a 33-year-old woman collapsed suddenly at her home. Despite best efforts from first responders, cardiac activity could not be restored. An autopsy revealed the young mother died from impacts of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This was not a diagnosis that was new to her or her family as she had been under the care of a cardiologist for the seven years prior. However, her condition had been worsening as demonstrated by her more recent examinations, echocardiograms, and heart rhythm monitoring. Yet, throughout their time as physician-patient, her doctor had not referred her to a heart rhythm specialist, nor MORE

  • Delayed Pediatric Diagnosis Makes Life-Altering Impact

    On March 29, 2019, a mother rushed her 14-month-old daughter, the youngest of three children, back to the pediatric emergency department at Yale-New Haven Hospital where the child had been evaluated–and discharged–just one day earlier. By this time the child had a three day history of persistent fever, vomiting and poor feeding, all of which began shortly after she underwent a routine tube placement procedure in her ears on March 26. The child was admitted to the pediatric service under the care of pediatric doctors. Laboratory testing revealed two common cold viruses. However, additional testing revealed the presence of procalcitonin: MORE

  • Infant Receives Negligent Care and a Missed Diagnosis at ED

    On the morning of October 31, 2019, concerned parents, Mustapha and Hanane, brought their 10-month-old son to the emergency room at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury. For a few days, their baby had been vomiting, irritable, and showed sudden weight loss. Saint Mary’s emergency medical staff examined the infant and discharged the family less than three hours later with the diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and dehydration. They were instructed to follow up with their pediatrician, who had referred them to the ED in the first place. Approximately twelve hours later, the frantic parents returned to the ED as MORE

  • Hospital’s Failure to Pull Defective Surgical Product in Time Leads to Serious Infection

    Smith, et. al. v. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (Superior Court Windham Unit, State of VT—filed April 16, 2021) On November 6, 2018, our plaintiff, Richard Smith, underwent hip replacement surgery at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. The revision itself was at first successful however within the next month or so, Smith began to grow very sick with an aggressive bacterial infection that required many long rounds of intravenous antibiotics, repeated blood draws, and, eventually, an oral round of antibiotics that lasted over four months. After remaining in the dark for almost a full year as to why he was became so sick and MORE

  • Rehab Facility’s Failure to Follow Post-Op Instructions Leads to Death of Patient

    On October 6, 2019, Roberta Pothanszky was admitted to Cambridge Manor in Fairfield, Connecticut, for short-term rehabilitation after undergoing successful hip revision surgery. In connection with her transfer to Cambridge Manor, physicians’ orders instructed Mrs. Pothanszky’s caregivers to follow post-operative hip precautions—a series of protocols that are specifically designed to minimize the risk of a dislodging the head of the femur (the “ball”) from the acetabulum (the hip socket), a condition known as “dislocation.” Unfortunately, nursing personnel at Cambridge Manor did not follow these standard hip precautions when they placed Mrs. Pothanszky into a Hoyer lift (a mechanical sling apparatus) MORE

  • Untimely Death for VT Mother Due To Medical Malpractice

    On May 31, 2019, Vermont resident Karen Reilly sought medical care at the Grace Cottage Hospital after experiencing severe chest pain. The Physician Assistant who evaluated Karen that day misdiagnosed her with muscle spasms and instructed her to take pain medication for the next three days. The PA chose not to perform routine imaging studies even though Karen’s health history included, among other things, deep vein thrombosis (DVT). On August 14th, Reilly’s chest discomfort returned and she was breathing abnormally. By the time EMS arrived on the scene that day, Karen was tragically found unresponsive and, despite efforts to resuscitate MORE

  • When PCP Fails to Screen

    Late diagnosis of a health problem often leads to tragic results, as illustrated by Hatcher vs. West Haven Medical Group LLC, filed on March 9th in Connecticut Superior Court. Hatcher is a 65-year-old man who routinely saw his primary care physician for regular physicals. For years, his PCP did not offer prostate cancer screening, despite his advancing age and the markedly higher risks for African Americans of developing and dying of prostate cancer. Without the benefits of early detection, Mr. Hatcher’s prostate cancer silently progressed to advanced-stage disease (spread to other parts of his body). Had this PCP not deviated MORE

  • PCP’s Deviation from Standard of Care Results in Patient’s Death

    John Carangelo, Administrator of the Estate of James DeRosa and Stuart Anderson v. New Milford Medical Group, LLC and Christian Leonardi, D.O. (New Haven Superior Court—February 8, 2019) In May 2018, James DeRosa, of Sherman, Connecticut,  met with his primary care physician (PCP) and reported a recent history of sharp chest pain on exertion and a “tingling feeling” in his neck. The PCP obtained an electrocardiogram (ECG), which suggested that DeRosa had experienced an acute cardiac event four days earlier—the same time frame in which DeRosa experienced the sharp chest pain and neck tingling. Instead of sending DeRosa straight to an MORE

  • Patient Dies Less than 24 Hours After Life-Saving Scan Is Ordered But Never Completed By ED

    Roy Geiste, et. al. v. Bridgeport Hospital (Waterbury Superior Court—filed March 15, 2019)  59-year-old Lynne Geiste was brought by her family to Bridgeport Hospital’s Emergency Department for sharp abdominal and back pain, vomiting, and difficulty walking.  Hospital personnel initially ordered a CT scan of Lynne’s abdomen, but the scan was never done.  Despite multiple abnormalities in her bloodwork consistent with acute illness, Lynne was discharged home on narcotic pain medication without a confirmed diagnosis.  Less than 24 hours later Lynne collapsed at home.  Despite aggressive treatment measures performed at Griffin Hospital, Lynne died within a few hours.  According to medical MORE

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