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archive for May, 2012

  • Medical Malpractice, Anesthesia Overdose During Dental Procedure Kills Child

    Dominguez, Administrator v. Children’s Dental Associates, et al (Filed 2012 in Bridgeport) According to our dental and anesthesiology consultants, the defendant administered an unnecessarily and dangerous dose of anesthesia. The anesthesia caused respiratory distress which the dentist was not competent to respond to. As a result, this lovely five year old girl died. The parents want the dental clinic to take responsibility for what happened but to date they refuse to do so. Related articles Debate Over Who Should Be Allowed to Administer Anesthesia Moves to Courts( Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use (

  • Nursing Home Negligence-Death, Staff Disorganized and Cannot Find Basic Lifesaving Equipment

    Wellington, Administrator v. East Hartford Healthcare,  Filed Hartford in 2012.   This case was brought following a department of public health investigation that determined the defendant nursing home was guilty of several severe deficiencies in the death of Nadine Allen.  These deficiencies included no available oxygen or emergency carts available. When Ms. Allen needed ventilation, it was determined that all of the oxygen tanks were empty and had not been checked or refilled for weeks. On top of this the nursing home delayed for days reporting very serious blood abnormalities that needed attention and caused the need for ventilation. Related MORE

  • Motor Vehicle Negligence, Excavator Operator Backs Over Man Killing Him

    Wojtkun, Administrator v. Suchoki (Filed in New London, 2012) The plaintiff’s husband Charlie Wojtkun was assisting in the removal of a tree. During the removal process, the defendant was operating an excavator. Without using a spotter or checking to ensure it was safe, the defendant backed his excavator over Charlie as he worked on the tree. Charlie left a beautiful wife, a farm, and a business.

  • Medical Malpractice, Walk In Clinic Misses Torn Aorta and 35 Year Old Patient Dies

    Tyler, Administrator v. Med Now (Filed in Bridgeport, 2010) After a workout with weights, David Tyler had pain in his chest. He went immediately to Med Now -a walk in clinic- to be evaluated. The staff at Med Now ordered an X-ray. The X-ray showed a torn aorta which needed to be repaired immediately. Instead, the staff sends David home and tells him to return if the pain worsens. He goes home and dies in the shower of a fully ruptured aorta. Our expert board certified doctor tells us that there is no excuse for not sending him to the MORE

  • Boating Accident, Reckless Operation Causes Passenger Death

    Speranza, Administrator v. Stewart Leonard, Sr. et al (Filed in Bridgeport, 2012) Bob Speranza was the lead designer of the lunar landing module for NASA. While in the Caribbean, he took his friend Stew Leonard, Sr. up on his offer to ride on his boat Carpe Diem. Unbeknownst to Bob, the defendant had overpowered the boat. When they reached the open sea, the defendant accelerated to maximum speed in enormous swells. The sudden power thrust threw Bob from the boat. He did not survive the incident.

  • Mass Tort, Johnson & Johnson Metal on Metal Hips Leave Toxins in Blood and Must Be Removed

    In Re Depuy Hips, Multiple Cases Filed in Federal Court Johnson & Johnson designed and sold hip replacements that leave toxic amounts of chromium in the blood supply. These replacements are metal on metal and have also been implicated in poor functionality. These parts must be removed. Thousands of these implants were used on patients throughout the country, and Faxon Law Group is prosecuting these cases as part of a Multi-District Litigation centered in Ohio. These cases must be brought within three years of the discovery of a defect so time is of the essence!   Related articles The US Drug MORE

  • Police Misconduct, State Trooper Going Over 100mph Strikes Pedestrian

    Gordils v. State of Connecticut (Filed in Bridgeport, 2011) The plaintiff’s car broke down on Rte 8-25 near Bridgeport. As he went to get assistance, a state trooper going well over 100mph came upon the scene and slammed into him. The impact tore the plaintiff’s legs off. The trooper did not stop. He kept going, and returned more than 5-10 minutes later. Getting out of the vehicle, he casually walked up to the plaintiff and asked him if he knew where his legs went. It appears that the trooper did not stop because if he had his emergency lights would MORE

  • Sexual Abuse, Priest repeatedly Abuses Child for Eleven Years

    Lara v. Legionairies of Christ and Estate of Father Maciel (Filed in New haven, 2010) The Catholic Church continued to heap honors on Father Maciel even as clear evidence of abuse was presented to them. Instead of disclosing the misconduct, Father Maciel was transferred and promoted multiple times. He even received an award from the Pope for his “aid to youth”.  The Church provided excellent cover for his crimes and access to children. The plaintiff here was abused hundreds of times. Related articles APExclusive: Vatican eyes Legion priests for abuse ( Prominent Catholic priest admits fathering child ( Vatican probes MORE

  • Medical Malpractice, Colorectal Surgeon Ignores Desmoid Tumor for Two Years

    Kursawe v. Colon and Rectal Surgeons of Greater Hartford and Cherry M.D. (Filed Hartford 2012) In 2008, the defendant ordered a CT Scan that showed a tumor developing in the plaintiff’s colon. The defendant then watched the tumor grow dramatically over a two year period. Finally, after the tumor interfered with normal digestion, he refers her to a NY Cancer Hospital. The doctors there conclude that it is too late to save the colon, and a radical resection was performed. This has devastated the plaintiff’s ability to eat, take in nourishment and enjoy life. Our consultant concludes that this is MORE

  • Bad Faith Action, Insurer Tries to Cancel Coverage After It Becomes Liable

    Mahmutovic, Administrator v. Indemnity Insurance Corporation (Filed Hartford, 2012) The defendant insured the Russian Lady Association, LLC which did business as a restaurant/bar. The insured business was sued after one of its customers killed the plaintiff’s decedent. After the death, the insurer tried to cancel its coverage with the Russian Lady. This left the business without a defense or indemnity. The case was tried and a verdict was rendered for 6.5m dollars. This case is brought pursuant to C.G.S. Section 38a-321 to make the insurer pay for the judgment. The insurer has been unable to articulate any reason that would MORE

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