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  • This gives referring lawyers and the outside world the exact same information we use in-house for quality control. Intakes need to be accepted / declined and cases need to be resolved! Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • Intakes Under Review 45 
  • Referred Cases from other lawyers state and nationwide 94%
  • Median Time First Contact to Decline 14 days (most cases are reviewed w/ an indication of merit within 72 hours)
  • Median Time First Contact to Accepted/Filed Cases 9 weeks
  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years
  • ER drs fail to admit patient that hospital radiologist said needed treatment

    Miliano v. Danbury Hospital (Waterbury Super Court – filed May 27, 2014) Young mother repeatedly returns to the Danbury Hospital emergency room where she is discharged despite doctors’ knowledge that she has an abnormal CT Scan.  The scan revealed that a potentially dangerous condition could be impacting her brain, as noted by a radiologist, but those warnings were ignored.  She returned to the hospital pleading for help—actually stating that she thought she was having a stroke.  By the time the doctors finally admitted her to the hospital it was too late.  The window of opportunity to administer TPA, a stroke MORE

  • Underinsured/ Undocumented Driver Causes Mayhem

    Mazzeo v. SAFECO (US District Court – filed March 21, 2014) On an August day in Somers, New York, Tomas Salguero-Ramirez, an undocumented laborer, was operating an underinsured landscaping vehicle when he crossed the center line and struck our client Elaine Mazzeo’s car head-on.  Elaine had to be extricated from the vehicle, suffering severe injuries, but most tragically her life partner was killed in the collision while she was on a simple trip across town to run some errands.  Elaine purchased underinsured motorist insurance from SAFECO to protect her from precisely this type of incident but – as insurance companies MORE

  • Motor Vehicle: Head-On Crash

    Berry v. Kwon, (judicial district of New London – filed January 14, 2014) While traveling on a road in Old Lyme, Connecticut, plaintiff Mary Berry was struck by the defendant, Kevin Kwon who crossed into Mary’s lane and struck her head-on. The violent collision required Mary to be extricated from her vehicle and taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.  Mary sustained a number of serious injuries including some requiring surgical revision and repair including trauma to her spine, femur, kneecap, ankle and foot.  Mary’s injuries have required extensive medical care and treatment.  The defendant’s insurance company, The Hartford, inexplicably MORE

  • Wrongful Death at Norwalk Hospital

    Nedela v. Norwalk Hospital Association, et al, (judicial district of Stamford-Norwalk – filed Nov. 22, 2013) A negligence suit was filed on behalf of a 53-year-old man brought to Norwalk Hospital by his wife. The patient was in need of psychiatric care and was treated by one of the physicians employed on hospital staff. However, the doctor failed to adequately assess the patient’s symptoms and instead ordered unreasonable amounts of anti-depressants to be administered, even after the patient demonstrated signs of a antipsychotic overdose as a result of the medication. The plaintiff ultimately suffered respiratory arrest, fell into a coma MORE

  • Ford Defect Renders Driver Quadriplegic

    Griffin v. Ford Motor Co. and Colonial Ford Dealership, (judicial district of Bridgeport – filed Oct. 21, 2013) A man operating a 1998 Ford Explorer was catastrophically injured in a rollover crash. The Explorer, sold to him by Colonial Ford in Danbury, contained a defect in which the roof of the vehicle failed to withstand impact during a rollover. As a result, the plaintiff suffered a spinal cord injury and is now quadriplegic. The Ford motor company is being sued because it did not comply with the engineering standards of the time applicable in the automotive industry with respect to MORE

  • Reckless Driving Results in Bus Accident and Double Amputee

    Jones v. Garda CL New England, Inc. and Garda CL Atlantic, Inc., (judicial district of New Haven – filed Oct. 10, 2013) Reckless driving by the defendant in a Garda truck rendered a bus passenger a double amputee. The public bus was traveling in New Haven when a Ford 350 truck, operated by a Garda employee, darted out in traffic and cut off the bus at an intersection, causing the bus to violently come to a stop and severely injuring our plaintiff who suffered bruising to his legs that aggravated a pre-existing circulatory problem. His right leg and a portion MORE

  • Father of Five Slips on Ice and Is Killed by Train

    Murphy v. Town of Darien and Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company, (judicial district of Bridgeport – filed Dec. 18, 2013) A patron wanting to get on an approaching train at the Darien Noroton Heights Metro-North train station slipped on a slab of ice and fell onto the railroad tracks below. He was then struck by an adjacent train suffering multiple blunt force traumatic injuries that tragically ended his life. The defendants in this wrongful death suit were negligent in several instances. They failed to properly maintain a safe train platform for travelers, failed to inspect, anticipate and remedy a dangerous situation, MORE

  • Wedding Photographer Injured by Cannon

    Wade v. The Milford Yacht Club, (judicial district of New Haven – filed Oct. 16, 2013) A wedding photographer invited to capture a summer wedding and cannon discharge during the reception was severely injured at the Milford yacht Club when the cannon’s exhaust containing hot particulate struck her burning her face, neck, chest and extremities. She also suffered a corneal abrasion to the eye, loss of hearing, and tinnitus. Just prior to firing the cannon, the venue told the plaintiff she was positioned at a totally safe distance and that the cannon would not emit hot particulate when it was MORE

  • Leash Dog or Face Lawsuit

    Mackey v. Cullina, (judicial district of Middlesex – filed Aug. 12, 2013) A woman was chased and then attacked by an untethered dog while biking down North Main Street in Ivoryton. She suffered severe bodily injuries including a fractured pelvis, other fractures, muscular and ligament damage, and permanent scarring. If the defendant had behaved responsibly when caring for his dog and not just let it roam free to attack innocent walkers and bikers who passed by, our plaintiff would not have incurred the enormous medical bills and extensive physical therapy that she did in addition to a substantial loss of MORE

  • Failed De-icing System Causes Family’s Death in Plane Crash

    Buckalew v. Socata Industries, (judicial district of New London – filed Dec. 18, 2013) Family of four perishes in plane crash where de-icing system fails to properly engage in flight.  The pilot/spouse/father was the managing owner of a successful hedge fund en route to a business meeting with his family when the purported state-of-the art de-icing system failed to engage and properly stabilize the aircraft.  The plane crashed in New Jersey killing all on board.  The defendants are Columbia Aircraft sales operating out of Groton/New London airport and the French manufacturer of the luxury twin engine long range aircraft, Socata, MORE

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