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  • This gives referring lawyers and the outside world the exact same information we use in-house for quality control. Intakes need to be accepted / declined and cases need to be resolved! Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • Total Intake Contacts (10/4/21) 624
  • Total Declined (10/4/21) 478
  • Intakes Under Review 42 (10/4/21)
  • Referred Cases from other lawyers state and nationwide 94%
  • Median Time First Contact to Decline 25 days (most cases are reviewed w/ an indication of merit within 72 hours)
  • Median Time First Contact to Accepted/Filed Cases 9 weeks
  • Median Time Case Filing to Resolution 1.8 years

Harding v. Hamilton Development, et al. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed March 29, 2020) While walking on an exterior walkway en route to shop at Garelick & Herbs, the plaintiff tripped on a piece of broken slate and fell. Due to the failure of the defendants to keep the walkway safely maintained and free of hazard, the plaintiff suffered a serious head trauma, lacerations to her face, and injuries to her knee and wrist. She required emergency medical care, including a left frontoparietal craniotomy, and will likely continue to incur healthcare expenses for treatment into the future.

Russo v. Roberge (Ansonia-Milford Superior Court—filed January 21, 2020) Olivia Russo, a minor child residing in Shelton, CT, was attacked and bitten by a dog belonging to defendant Michael Roberge. The child sustained multiple puncture wounds and bites on her arm, requiring medical treatment and leaving significant scarring. In Connecticut, the owner of a dog is strictly liable for any bite unless the bite was due to the teasing or taunting of the alleged victim(s). There was no such evidence here. The minor plaintiff asked to pet the dog before approaching, and was encouraged by the owner that the dog MORE

Robert Edwards v. J & R Pre-Cast, Inc., et al (New London Superior Court—filed October 10, 2019) On a summer afternoon in 2018, the plaintiff was traveling eastbound on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on I-195 in East Providence, Rhode Island when suddenly and without warning he was struck by the defendant operating a 2005 Peterbilt 379 work truck owned by his employer, J & R Pre-Cast, Inc. The plaintiff was violently thrown from his motorcycle onto the ground, suffering painful injuries including a broken right hand as well as scraping and bruising over his entire body. The defendant driver’s negligence MORE

Faxon Law Group filed a petition in the United States Court of Federal Claims demanding compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for injuries suffered by a young woman who received a routine influenza vaccine in 2018. Halie Lange experienced severe and ongoing pain and limited range of motion in her left shoulder immediately after the shot was administered to her at Brattleboro Family Medicine in Brattleboro, VT. The pain in her shoulder worsened over the next few weeks and to date, despite treatment, her symptoms have not improved. Lange now struggles daily with the residual effects of what MORE

Peter Kacprzynski, et. al. v. Andre Czaplinski (Waterbury Superior Court—filed July 15, 2019) On February 10, 2019, a minor child visiting a residence in Shelton, CT with her father was attacked and bitten by an unsecured dog belonging to the defendants. The child sustained multiple puncture wounds and bites on her face and required surgical treatment. As a consequence of the attack, the child incurred painful injuries, some of which are permanent in nature, as well as significant medical bills.

Cambriello v. Dobyns, et. al. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed May 30, 2019) On June 11th, 2017, our plaintiff was the front seat passenger in a vehicle traveling northbound in Trumbull, CT. Suddenly, while at a full stop due to traffic, the vehicle our plaintiff was riding in was violently rear-ended by the defendant—who admitted to police on the scene that his brakes did not work properly.  Due to the defendant’s careless behavior, our plaintiff suffered multiple traumatic injuries, including a brain bleed, loss of consciousness, and cognitive impairment, and required hospitalization. The defendant’s negligence has caused our plaintiff significant damages including MORE

John Carangelo, Administrator of the Estate of James DeRosa and Stuart Anderson v. New Milford Medical Group, LLC and Christian Leonardi, D.O. (New Haven Superior Court—February 8, 2019) In May 2018, James DeRosa, of Sherman, Connecticut,  met with his primary care physician (PCP) and reported a recent history of sharp chest pain on exertion and a “tingling feeling” in his neck. The PCP obtained an electrocardiogram (ECG), which suggested that DeRosa had experienced an acute cardiac event four days earlier—the same time frame in which DeRosa experienced the sharp chest pain and neck tingling. Instead of sending DeRosa straight to an MORE

Roy Geiste, et. al. v. Bridgeport Hospital (Waterbury Superior Court—filed March 15, 2019)  59-year-old Lynne Geiste was brought by her family to Bridgeport Hospital’s Emergency Department for sharp abdominal and back pain, vomiting, and difficulty walking.  Hospital personnel initially ordered a CT scan of Lynne’s abdomen, but the scan was never done.  Despite multiple abnormalities in her bloodwork consistent with acute illness, Lynne was discharged home on narcotic pain medication without a confirmed diagnosis.  Less than 24 hours later Lynne collapsed at home.  Despite aggressive treatment measures performed at Griffin Hospital, Lynne died within a few hours.  According to medical MORE

Siderowf v. Kaiser (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed February 7, 2019) While traveling northbound on Route 15 in Stamford one September afternoon in 2018, the plaintiff was suddenly and without warning rear-ended violently by the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff suffered significant injuries to his right leg and shin, which subsequently became infected. He lost substantial wages and has incurred medical expenses as a result of the crash. Ongoing symptoms from his impairment have limited the plaintiff’s ability to participate in daily activities.

Haddad, et. al. v. Zimmer, et. al (U.S. District Court of CT—filed December 21, 2018) On November 15, 2012, our plaintiff underwent hip replacement surgery at St. Francis Hospital. The implant itself was successful however, due to misinformation and marketing on the manufacturer’s behalf, a cobalt-chromium femoral head was used by the surgeon in combination with other components that should have been avoided. The defendant, Zimmer, Inc., should have but failed to inform the surgeon of the unreasonable risks associated with this implant, such as pain, swelling, adverse tissue reaction, the need for early revision surgery as a result of MORE

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