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    • Danbury Hospital Buys Steroids From Unaccredited Pharmacy, Plaintiff Suffers Deadly Meningitis

        Doyle v. Danbury Hospital (Filed in Danbury 2012): Dr. Kloth prescribed the plaintiff Jay Doyle a steroid injection for his arthritis. Ridgefield Surgical Center which is operated by Danbury Hospital bought these injections from NECC— a Framingham, MA based compounder. The Center then marked up the price on the drug and sold it to the plaintiff- in whom the steroid was injected. The defendant hospital purchased the drugs from NECC because they were cheaper than safer options. NECC was an unaccredited compounding pharmacy with a history of poor hygiene practices. Immediately following the injection in October 2012, Jay Doyle–a MORE

    • Lawyer Blows Statute of Limitations on Simple Insurance Claim, Legal Malpractice

      Sicilian v. Jeanmarie Riccio, (Filed 2012 at Bridgeport)  The plaintiff was struck by a hit and run driver. Thankfully, his own insurance company provided $500,000 worth of underinsured motorist coverage. The only requirement was that a claim be made within 3 years of the date of the accident. The plaintiff hired Attorney Riccio within weeks of the accident to resolve the insurance claim. Attorney Riccio did nothing with the case, and no claim was filed before the third year mark. The valuable insurance benefit was lost. When confronted about the missed statute of limitations, the defendant denied that the statute MORE

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