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    • Young Patient Dies After Attempted Suicide Carried Out in Psychiatric Facility

      (Federal Court — filed March 11, 2015) Medical malpractice case involving a teenage patient who was admitted to a psychiatric facility for severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and previously documented dangerous behavior.  Treatment center failed to monitor the patient properly, allowing the adolescent to attempt suicide by hanging within the facility.  After suffering severe injuries and brain damage from the suicide attempt, the patient ultimately passed away some time later as a result of the facility’s negligence.

    • Innocent Passenger Shot During Bus Brawl on I-95

      Chan v. Dahlia Group, Inc. (U.S. Federal Court—filed January 2, 2015)  En route from Chinatown to Mohegan Sun Casino, a bus driver, employed by Dahlia Group, Inc. in Boston, Mass., stopped his vehicle in a highway construction zone in Norwalk after a fight escalated on the motor coach. The driver failed to properly secure and protect his passengers on the bus and as a result our client, an innocent party, was shot and suffered several flesh muscle wounds, some leading to permanent injury.

    • Dump Truck Fatally Strikes Jogger

      Est. of Feinn v. Matar (Waterbury Superior Court – filed August 27, 2014)  Among one of our most egregious, current and active catastrophic injury cases, a 76-year-old jogger was struck down at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon by a privately owned dump truck. Benjamin Feinn, a well-known business owner, army veteran, and active member of his community, was killed while jogging in his own neighborhood. Ben, an avid jogger out for his routine run, was pronounced dead at the scene after the defendant, driving a Peterbilt Triaxle dump truck stopped him  to ask for directions, and then — failing to MORE

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