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    • Neurosurgeon Puts Pedicle Screw Through A Critical Nerve Causing Foot Drop

      Reynolds v. Strugar, M.D. (Filed in New London, February 2013): The plaintiff was undergoing  back surgery. The defendant chose not to identify and protect the nerves controlling the feet when he inserted a pedicle screw. The result was very unfortunate. the screw was put right through the nerve causing permanent foot drop. Foot drop is a very debilitating condition that effects every activity involving mobility. Although certainly the doctor did not intend this, it is a fundamental error for which compensation should be paid .

    • Girl Drowns While Walking Near Hidden Quarry

      Buemi v. Town of Fair field (Filed January 2013 in Bridgeport): The Town of Fairfield converted a quarry into a recreational area in 1967. A former excavation pit was turned into a lake. Unfortunately over the years 7 people died in the lake because they were unaware that the water level would drop from 1-2 feet to over 30 feet within a few inches. The town developed a plan to warn people of the danger in 1990 but then never implemented the plan. On July 17, 2012, 10 year old Catherine Perez Trujillo died when she walked just a few MORE

    • Driver Slams Into Car Going Wrong Way on Merritt Parkway

      Cimato v. Heeks (Filed January 2013 in Bridgeport): The day after Christmas the plaintiff, a musician, was driving with his brother and another friend along the Merritt parkway in Meriden.  Suddenly, a car appeared in their lane going the wrong way.  The plaintiff suffered catastrophic injuries in this extraordinarily damaging wreck. His brother was sadly killed.

    • Father Bzdyra Abuses Another Child

      P.K. v. Hartford Roman Catholi Diocesan Corporation (Filed Federal Court, March 2013): The plaintiff P.K. was sexually abused by his parish priest as a child. Father Bzdyra would take PK on trips around the country under the auspices of providing spiritual guidance and care. Instead, the priest would use these occasions to sexually exploit the young man. It is yet another tragic case of the Church tolerating priests with a history of abuse.

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