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    • Cyclist Killed by Driver Attempting Unsafe Pass

      Mack vs. Altieri (New Haven Superior Court – filed May 19, 2016) Eighty-one year old William Mack, an energetic, long-time resident of Guilford, was enjoying his daily bike ride on Boston Post Road when he was sideswiped by the defendant, Gertrude Altieri, operating a Volkswagen Beetle. Altieri attempted to pass the bike too closely and dragged him down the side of the car. The Legislature recently passed a statute to protect cyclists requiring that drivers provide bikers at least 3 feet for safe passage. Altieri violated this statute and there were horrific consequences. Mack was immediately transported to Yale New MORE

    • Driver Failing to Stop Runs Over Pedestrian

      Mitchell vs. Cohen (New Haven Superior Court—filed April 15, 2016) Plaintiff was crossing a residential street in Madison when the defendant ran through a stop sign. Failing to come to a complete stop — or even activate her horn in time — the driver forcefully struck the victim, causing multiple injuries including, but not limited to, bodily fractures, a concussion, and a dislocated shoulder. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff has suffered a great deal of pain and disability as well as extensive and ongoing medical expenses.

    • Client Suffers Loss Due to Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose

      Lumley vs. Jutkowitz, M.D. (Bridgeport Superior Court—filed May 4, 2016) For more than a year, the plaintiff was under the defendant’s medical care for pain in her left ankle.  At her very first visit, the defendant ordered imaging studies that were read as abnormal and a radiologist recommended a follow up imaging study if symptoms persisted. Despite the plaintiff contacting the defendant’s office numerous times over the next several weeks and months complaining of increased pain and swelling in her left ankle and calf, the defendant doctor ordered no further studies, despite the orders of the radiologist. Several months later, MORE

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