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    • Driver Injured by Wheel of Car Inadequately Secured to Tow Bar

      Smith vs. Edwin A. Cruz, (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed April 28, 2015)  Defendant purchases a junked automobile with no engine for $100 (from the front yard of a man who knew nothing about the its origin, history or apparent ownership), straps it to a temporary tow bar and tows it away – with no adequate inspection and without securing it for transport on public roadways.  As the car is being pulled down Route 7 in Danbury, one of its unsecured rear wheels detaches from the axle and collides at a very high speed into the driver’s side of the plaintiff’s MORE

    • Doc’s Blind Eye to Tell-Tale Signs of Infection Leads to Full Leg Amputation

      Hocker  vs. William Tracy Schmidt, M.D., (Bridgeport Superior Court – filed August 17, 2015)  Plaintiff was treated for a right ankle sprain over the course of five days back in September 2013. During her treatment, she kept complaining of increased pain, swelling, and bruising. Upon repeat examination, doctor noted large blood-filled blisters on her foot which he opened, drained and proceeded to wrap up before covering with a brace; he then sent the patient home. The following day she was transported by ambulance to the ED having become lethargic and barely responsive. Upon arrival, it was immediately recognized that she MORE

    • Property Owner Liable For Injuries Settles for $1M

      Marshall / Hill vs. 62 South Street, LLC (Putnam Superior Court – filed August 6, 2014) Before depositions were taken or experts disclosed, defendants in this case involving an apartment fire accepted an Offer of Compromise for $1 million—the full amount of their liability insurance policy. The fire ignited on August 7, 2012, in a six-unit apartment building in Willimantic, Connecticut where our plaintiffs resided. To escape intense heat and thick smoke, Marshall jumped out of the third floor window, believing that Hill was right behind him, and landed on a fence below. Hill, tragically unable to escape the building, MORE

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