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    • Wedding Photographer Injured by Cannon

      Wade v. The Milford Yacht Club, (judicial district of New Haven – filed Oct. 16, 2013) A wedding photographer invited to capture a summer wedding and cannon discharge during the reception was severely injured at the Milford yacht Club when the cannon’s exhaust containing hot particulate struck her burning her face, neck, chest and extremities. She also suffered a corneal abrasion to the eye, loss of hearing, and tinnitus. Just prior to firing the cannon, the venue told the plaintiff she was positioned at a totally safe distance and that the cannon would not emit hot particulate when it was MORE

    • Leash Dog or Face Lawsuit

      Mackey v. Cullina, (judicial district of Middlesex – filed Aug. 12, 2013) A woman was chased and then attacked by an untethered dog while biking down North Main Street in Ivoryton. She suffered severe bodily injuries including a fractured pelvis, other fractures, muscular and ligament damage, and permanent scarring. If the defendant had behaved responsibly when caring for his dog and not just let it roam free to attack innocent walkers and bikers who passed by, our plaintiff would not have incurred the enormous medical bills and extensive physical therapy that she did in addition to a substantial loss of MORE

    • Failed De-icing System Causes Family’s Death in Plane Crash

      Buckalew v. Socata Industries, (judicial district of New London – filed Dec. 18, 2013) Family of four perishes in plane crash where de-icing system fails to properly engage in flight.  The pilot/spouse/father was the managing owner of a successful hedge fund en route to a business meeting with his family when the purported state-of-the art de-icing system failed to engage and properly stabilize the aircraft.  The plane crashed in New Jersey killing all on board.  The defendants are Columbia Aircraft sales operating out of Groton/New London airport and the French manufacturer of the luxury twin engine long range aircraft, Socata, MORE

    • Mall Employee Slams Into Young Man

      Qui v. Colombo, et al, (JD of Fairfield – filed Oct. 16, 2013) A young man suffered a traumatic brain injury while skateboarding in a remote area in the Danbury Fair Mall parking lot. He was struck by a mall employee who drove directly into him. We filed a claim against the driver, Danbury mall and the LLC that currently owns and operates the mall.

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