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    • Motorcyclist Critically Injured by Fire Truck

      Amodio vs. City of New Haven (New Haven Superior Court – filed June 24, 2016) It began one summer evening in New Haven as the plaintiff, a 55-year-old resident of West Haven, was traveling down James Street on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Suddenly and without warning he was violently struck by a Fire Truck attempting to cut into his lane and was forcefully thrown into the air upon impact. The list of injuries he sustained, some permanent, is extensive and include a fractured pelvis, spine, neck, kneecap, femur, multiple ribs, dislocated knees, herniated disc, subdural hemorrhages, large bodily wounds to MORE

    • Recklessness on Roadway Leads to Serious Injury

      Morales vs. Fac (Waterbury Superior Court – filed May 4, 2016) On a spring morning, our plaintiff was standing on the left shoulder of I-84 beside his disabled motorcycle when the defendant, while traveling at a very high rate of speed, swerved suddenly and without warning across the left lane and into the shoulder area. Completely startled, the vehicle directly behind the defendant lost control and struck the 33-year-old plaintiff and his motorcycle. The plaintiff sustained a variety of serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, and a fractured  femur. He required multiple hospital transfers for intensive care, MORE

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